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Leonard Anderson
Dark League

Twin States Music Company traces its origins back to the years before World War II when Leonard “Cab” Anderson began a candy route selling product out of a paneled van. Though a successful enterprise, Cab had to give up his route due to the difficulty in acquiring rubber tires during the height of the War. While he put his dream on hold, he helped serve the war effort by joining an ammunitions plant in New Brighton, Minnesota.

After the war ended, Cab wasted no time in chasing after his dream. He returned to the industry and started a music and gaming route where the name Twin States Music Company was born. For over thirty years Cab worked many long days and weekends keeping his customers satisfied. At an early age (16) he brought his youngest son Kevin into the business and taught him everything he knew. By 1978, Cab and Kevin were servicing over 35 locations when tragedy struck and Cab passed away. Kevin was only 21 years old at the time of his father's death.

Kevin Anderson believed in his father’s dream and in his own abilities and though the company faced some difficult odds, he never gave up. He struggled to re-purchase his father’s company out of probate and facing difficult cash flow issues, Kevin was forced to service and maintain all of his locations with only one employee. However, his father had taught him well and his dedication and commitment to customer service pulled Twin States Music from its precarious situation and solidified the company as the local leader of “The finest in coin-operated machines.” In early 2000, Twin States Music encompassed an area of a 200 mile radius that included the Twin Cities Metro area to Wausau, Wisconsin. Twin States Music also owed a subsidiary company called Liberty Amusement which was located in Medford, Wisconsin. Twin States Music was serving hundreds of local pubs and restaurants largely across western and central Wisconsin. 

In 2015, Twin States Music introduced the addition of ATM machines to its route by placing them in restaurants, hotels, nail salons, sporting event venues, and other businesses. Twin States Music now maintains ATMs across the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area to the central Wisconsin area. Over the last five years, Twin States Music has substantially grown its dart leagues across western WI into the region's largest and top rated leagues for players of all skill levels. TSM also offers pool leagues in western WI and helps many local bars with in-house dart & pool leagues.

Today, Twin States Music celebrates 75 years in business with its fourth generation working for the family-owned company.

Twin States Music is an accredited member of the VNEA (Valley National Eightball Association), NDA (National Darts Association), BCA (Billiard Congress of America), ACS (American Cue Sports), APA (American Pool Players Association), MOMA (Minnesota Operators of Music & Amusement), WAMO (Wisconsin Amusement and Music Operators), & Cardtronics Global ATM Services.

Pool balls

Twin States Music Company is proud to be a member of:

Twin States Music

Whether you're shopping for league night or looking to enhance your home's game room, the Twin States Music Store specializes in the top billiards, darts, and game room must-haves. Stop into our Hudson retail store to browse our dart shop or shop our full retail store online including game room games and accessories, billiards cues, and more!

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