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Bars, Restaurants, and Local Taverns

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Welcome to the future of convenient transactions!

Here at Twin States Music Co., we understand providing exceptional services to all your patrons goes beyond just offering great food and drinks. It's also about creating an environment where convenience is at the forefront.

And what better way to do this? ATM service in your bar, restaurant, or local pub!

What You Will Get


Premium ATM Product Line

Place our new premium Hyosung Halo II in your location to increase sales without the worry of maintenance, filling, & even repairs.

Monthly Commission Revenue

Almost all our ATMs are eligible for monthly commission revenue paid to your business–an effortless way to add to your bottom line!

Convenient Payment

No longer accepting personal checks? Here's the perfect payment alternative for all your patrons.

Reduced Charges

With an ATM in your establishment, you'll experience less credit card terminal charges, saving you money in the long run.

Why ATMs in Bars and Restaurants

Enhanced Customer Experience

Having one on-site means your patrons won't have to leave your establishment or interrupt their dining or socializing experience to find a bank or another cash outlet, keeping them engaged in the atmosphere and all the services you offer.

Increased On-Site Spending

When your customers have easy access to cash, they're more likely to spend it–whether it's on food, beverages, or even tipping. Up to 80% of cash obtained from these machines is spent on-site, so that means more revenue for you!

Competitive Advantage

Offering amenities like these convenient machines shows you're committed to customer convenience and satisfaction, setting your bar apart from competitors–attracting more guests, and improving your establishment's reputation as a top-notch dining and entertainment destination!

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Why Choose TSM ATMs


A significant advancement is the user-friendly interface displayed on a vivid 10.1" screen! A new sleek design makes it perfect for locations ranging from small convenience stores to high-end retail locations. With an eye-catching, LED lighting design around the keypad, it attracts more users to drive additional transactions & revenue to your bottom line.


Ease of maintenance and simplified service provide maximum availability and uptime with minimal operational intervention. Dispense cash at a faster rate than those older styles making customers move faster.



Factory-ready EMV capability is available with all units. This technology allows operators to easily go live with EMV technology without having to change out machines or components.


Allow your customers to easily sell, trade, & learn about Bitcoin right at their fingertips! You read that right, our ATMs are Bitcoin-connected for all your customers' needs via their mobile device!

Own a business & looking for further information about our brand new ATMs?

Fill out our application or contact one of our Sales Associates today to discover the services that we can provide to your business establishment! We service an array of different businesses from Central Minnesota to Central Wisconsin! We look forward to working with you!

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